Donate to the Elgin—Middlesex—London New Blue!

Because the PC Party isn’t blue and they aren’t for you.

Let us stand up for you with the New Blue!

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Strength. Stability. Liberty. Good government.

That is what the New Blue Party is offering Elgin-Middlesex-London, and all of Ontario.

But we need your help to do it!

Donate now to support the Elgin—Middlesex—London riding association.

Your contribution is eligible for up to a 75% tax credit!

Maximum contributions are now set at $3,325 annually!

Below are examples of the net cost to you at different contribution amounts after receiving a political tax credit in the mail in the new year and submitting it with your annual tax return.

Corporate or union donations are not permitted pursuant to the election finance laws of the province of Ontario.

The New Blue Elgin—Middlesex—London is registered with Elections Ontario as a constituency association of the New Blue Party of Ontario, a political party in the province of Ontario registered with Elections Ontario.

Contributions to the New Blue Elgin—Middlesex—London are eligible for a political tax credit pursuant to the election finance laws of the province of Ontario.

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